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HPL-Toilet Cubicles & Urinal Partitions

IDEALKABIN from Turkey, the experts in Toilet & Washroom Cubicles and Lockers & Benches, have tied hands with Globtech via exclusive dealership to execute a number of prestigious projects in the State of Qatar.

The product is made using High-pressure Laminates (HPL) to provide maximum protection against water & vandalism.

IDEALKABIN offers a wide range of design options namely:

1. Jumbo
2. Venus
3. Inomix
4. Regal
5. Flax
6. Classic
7. Donnk
8. Tinki

The models for urinal partitions are:

1. Classic
2. Venus
3. Calypso
Metal Doors - Fire and Non-Fire Rated

Lakshmi Metal Tech designed Metal Doors are tested and certified by Chiltern International and BM Trada.



  • High quality and accuracy.
  • Resistant to twisting and warping.
  • Unaffected by vermin and mould.
  • Independently tested and certified.
  • Rated up to 4 hours fire resistance as BS476 pt.22.
  • Manufactured in UAE under license from BM Trada
  • UAE Civil Defense Approved.
  • Many different vision panels, subject to rating and size, and fire rated louvers.
  • Primer as standard or finish coated to BS/RAL colors
  • T-lug or second fix options as standard.
  • Factory welded or site assembled frames.
HPL-Lockers & Benches

IDEALKABIN from Turkey, the experts in Toilet & Washroom Cubicles and Lockers & Benches, have tied hands with Globtech via exclusive dealership to execute a number of prestigious projects in the State of Qatar.

Product Features:

1. Made of 12mm High-pressure lamintes (HPL) to provide maximum protection against water and vandalism.

2. 18mm MDF Lam (medium density fiberboard) for moisture-resistant panels.

3. Standard, Master and Digital Lock Systems with numbered door knobs are provided.

4. Hinges are steel, nickel plated and self closing. Stainless steel and adjustable legs to accommodate uneven floor levels.

5. All connection parts are 304 Stainless Steel.
Office Partition Systems

Our partition system provides the ultimate flexibility in design. The unique extrusion profiles have been designed so that they can be configured in an infinite number of combinations and incorporated with almost any other material or finish. The product ensures aesthetics and acoustic performance at the same time as offering design creativity and flexibility.

It is a product tailor-made for designers / architects.


1. Single glazed partitions.

2. Double glazed partitions.

3. Single & double glazed doors.

4. Demountable systems.

5. Operable Walls.
Roller Shutters-FR & NFR (Windows/Doors)

TwinDoor Roller shutters are an advanced and mature product, which has been in use in Europe and other parts of the world for many years. Roller shutter technology is an established material in modern-day European architecture. At the same time, roller shutters have already become a "status symbol" in the latest European architectures - standing for "modern European lifestyle."it specialized in the application of PVC and the roll formed aluminum slides. they dispose of a unique range of roller shutter profiles that can be processed into all different kinds of roller shutters and roller doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door that suits your garage?

If so, the twD-2000 is the right choice for you. The 40mm thick sandwich panels of the door leaf are manufactured from the hot dip galvanized steel sheet. To match your construction, our engineers will calculate the optimal height of the panels between 410mm and 550mm. The panels are manufactured specifically to your requirements up to a width of 6000mm. You will receive a door that fits your garage to the last millimeter with evenly-spaced panels producing a harmonious appearance.


If you love something special, then allow us to introduce the twD-3000. Its strikingly smooth surface with tasteful decorative panels - ranging from 267 mm to 317 mm in height and up to 3000 mm in width - underlines the impact a statement your property makes. With its integrated hinges and the patented "seamless" panel joints, the exterior and interior of our twD-3000 is impressive. These are available in insulated and non-insulated versions. The enameled 36 mm thick steel sheet door leaf will stand up to many years of daily use. Powered by a high-tech drive with remote control operation, the twD-3000 opens and closes almost noiselessly.

Road Barriers

Give your parking facility its own unique mark. Select between parking barriers with standard booms, illuminated booms or jointed barrier arms and provide easy access for users. Reliable barriers for your parking clients, with no limit on your ideas!

We proudly present our Product from Spain—ERREKA with is class and excellence of its own.
Fabric Shades / Car Park Shades

We supply a large range of fabrics including our world's first flame-retardant shade cloth designed for large scale shade structures like car parks and shopping centres. Whether it's fabric for pool or patio shade cloths, wind breaks, bird netting, greenhouse material or haystacks, Polyfab has fabric to suit your environmental control needs.
Garbage Disposal System(Garbage chute / Linen chute)

Modern chute designs for residential and commercial use for high / low-rise buildings.

Product Features:

1. Easy installation.
2. Ensured durability.
3. Simple operational facility.
4. Protected from fire by fire-fighting sprinklers.
5. Quality materials made of G.I. or Stainless Steel.
6. Bottom – hinged and side – hinged self closing doors with built in architraves.
7. Extract system to drive out foul smell.
8. Bird screen / cowl cap for greater protection.
9. Sloppy throat design for easy garbage intake.

Optional Systems available:

1. Door Locks / Interlocks.
2. Solenoid valve.
3. Sanitizing jar.
4. Control panel.
5. Monitoring panel.
6. Brush cleaning system.
Entrance Matt

The entrance area gives the first impression of a building. So it is especially important to create an area which is integrated with the overall architecture of the building. As the market leader in project-led dirt collection systems, EMCO has been setting the standard in this area for more than 40 years.

With the proven DIPLOMAT and MARSHALL ranges as well as numerous special constructions, EMCO ensures that dirt and moisture are not brought into a building beyond the entrance. With its 3-zone cleaning concept, EMCO provides a system of matching entrance matts and floor coverings which follow on from one another to block coarse and fine dirt as well as moisture.


Electrical Accessories

For more than 30 years, Focus SB has been designing and manufacturing decorative wiring accessories to address the market's higher specification requirements. All the products are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and inserts to maintain the level of product reliability and durability demanded by the specified sector of the market. 


The company offers the finest selection of decorative wiring accessories.

Wood Cement Board

VIVA Wood-Cement Board from Thailand is produced by mixing fine wood particles, portland cement, and mineralizing agents. The mixed material is laid on carrier plates using a unique laying process. The carrier plates with the formed board mat are stacked and compressed using very high pressure to convert the formed mat into boards of required thickness. The matured boards are trimmed to the finished sizes, thoroughly inspected for quality and packed for dispatch. 
Wooden Doors - Fire and Non-Fire Rated


  • High quality and accuracy
  • Rated up to 2 hours Fire Resistance
Roof Tiles-Clay Tiles

CLAUDIO VOGEL from Brazil has been creating dreams all over the world.

Major products are:


Models available:

1. Portuguese Tiles
2. Marseille Tiles
3. Spanish S Tiles
4. French Tiles
5. Barrel Tiles
6. General Roof Tiles
In Door & Out Door Seating

Gauss Furniture LLC from Taiwan specializes in producing public seating which apply to auditorium, theater, cinema, concert hall, school, stadium or any public area.




   We pride ourselves on high quality, personalized sliding conference room signs, in/out meeting room signs, office door signs, room signs and custom office name plates of any kind. Order with confidence on our secure website.
Raised floor

iangsu Liangfeng Access Floor CO., LTD manufactures and manages our products according to ISO9001:2000 and won a lot of awards and certificates both in national and overseas market. Thanks to our good-quality products, competitive prices, sound reputation, sincere service and strict management, we win the trust and favor from our clients gradually and, therefore, are able to develop our company gradually in the increasingly harsh competition. A LiangFeng access floor is recognized as the high quality products and sells well in many countries and regions, making its own contribution to global economy…..
Bathroom Fittings

Daniel Rubinetterie from Italy has been bringing innovation for the last 20 years, aiming at originality and caring for targeted creations in order to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers.

The fundamental purpose of DANIEL RUBINETTERIE is to offer a targeted and specific service to create wrapping atmospheres and furnish the bathroom zone.

It suggests galvanic finishing, antique, brushed, in addition to the painted classics, the latest metallic, the granites and much more. Through a patented technique, Daniel provides galvanic finishing couplings with characterizing and delicate decorations ranging from POP-art style to capricious, rounded and harmonious shapes, up to more classic damask decorations suitable for important and prestigious atmospheres.

The company is certified ISO 9001 – company quality system and ISO 14001 – environment quality system.
Traffic Safety Products & Road Barriers

We take great pride in our product range of traffic safety products and road safety equipments like:

·         Traffic cones

·         Delineator posts

·         Guide posts

·         Water-filled barrier system

·         Speed bumps

·         Convex mirrors

·         Flexible posts

·         Corner guards

·         Parking blocks